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PMPlib 0.14 Alpha

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PMPlib 0.14 AlphaDescription

PMPlib (Portable Media Player library) is an open source project for the development of management software/library.
PMPlib (Portable Media Player library) is an open source project for the development of management software/library for various portable media players. PMPlib project currently supports the following hardware:· iRiver H100 series· iRiver H300 series· iRiver H10 UMS· iRiver H10 MTP (with emergency connect mode)· iRiver H10Jr. UMS· iRiver U10 UMS· MEDION MDJuke220· MEDION MDJuke440· Samsung YH-820· Samsung YH-920· Samsung YH-925What's New in This Release:· Implemented playlist conversion for iriver E10 (pmp_iriverplus3).· Added the support for MSI MEGA PLAYER 540 in pmp_portalplayer1.· Added the support of Ogg Vorbis for Samsung YH-920.· On-the-fly playlist conversion from M3U/PLS playlist file located on the PC. Use -P (--playlist-source) option to configure the source directory.· Configurable paths to music and playlist directories.· Display supported firmware versions, audio codecs, and file extensions.· Suppress flickering in the progress report.· Report file names from which EasyPMP failed to obtain the media information.· Report names of music files whose artist or album names are empty as they may be moved to "Unknown artist" or "Unkonwn album" section.· Changed the default character encoding for non-unicode ID3v1/ID3v2 tags to ISO-8859-1.· Fixed several bugs in reading/writing the database for iriver E10.· Improved the routine for writing the iriver E10 database with the latest knowledge.· Fixed a crash reported at the forum (thanks jonof).· Fixed a bug in playlist conversion with -f (--find-missing) option on POSIX environments.· Fixed a bug in database update for PortalPlayer devices on POSIX environments.· Applied two patches for libid3tag for bug-fixes (Win32 version).· Updated the JavaScript engine to SpiderMonkey 1.6 (Win32 version).· Distribute RPM packages, pmplib, pmplib-tools, and pmplib-devel.· Grand API restructuring and documentation.· Install header files for the development to ${PREFIX}/include/pmplib· Merged libucs2 (ucs2.dll) and libfilepath (filepath.dll) into libpmp (pmp.dll) for simplicity.

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